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The area of ​​the femur near the hip joint is called the trochanteric region, and it is a very thickened area of ​​bone since it serves as an anchorage to the powerful muscles around the hip, of which the most powerful is the «gluteus» higher». Between the muscles and the bone there is a series of bags that serve to facilitate the sliding of the muscles on the bone. The most common cause of trochanteric tendonitis or tendonitis is inflammation of the pouch or tendon of the gluteus maximus, although it may be due to the inflammation of any other bag or tendon that is anchored in this area.

It is the most frequent cause of pain in the hip, the pain usually appears on the outer side of the hip and can extend on the outer side of the thigh towards the knee. The pain usually increases when pressing the area, this happens frequently when lying on the bed on the affected side. Walking, climbing stairs, squatting, and standing for an extended period of time can also cause pain.

It is more common in women between 40 and 60 years. Factors that can favor this disease are: diseases of the hip of that same side and of the lumbar spine, obesity. Other times it may be due to tendon ruptures.

It can be started by treatment with anti-inflammatories, analgesics and ultrasounds, although in many cases they are ineffective. Infiltrations with corticosteroids together with a local anesthetic improve symptoms frequently, although symptoms can recur frequently. Correcting the difference in length between the two lower extremities may be useful when this is the cause of the disease. Surgery will be the last option, and it consists of cutting the envelope (fascia or ileo-tibial tract) of the hip muscles, sometimes with surgery it is intended to remove the inflamed bags or rebuild the torn tendons when these are the causes of the pain.