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It is the specialty that is dedicated to the study, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries in the joints of bones or joints.

What joints?

In the human body there is a large number of joints and technically the specialty would cover all of them, however to facilitate their study and understanding the specialty focuses on the large, such as the SHOULDER, ELBOW, HIP, KNEE AND ANKLE.

What is cartilage?

It is a very smooth fabric that covers the edges of the bones in their union with another, this allows that the movements are smoother and without the friction that would be generated if the movements would be carried out between two bones.

How does a joint work?

The simplistic comparison of a joint would be that of a hinge, however it is much more complex, since the joints allow movements of flexion and extension and also of rotations. The structures that limit these movements are the ligaments and their job is to limit or limit the amplitude of them.

Which injuries are the most frequent?

SHOULDER, practically any age is susceptible to injury, however the most frequent by age would be:

CHILDREN with practice of a sport of launching such as tennis, baseball, football, swimming or field athletics, the most frequent injury is the fracture at the level of the cartilage where the flue (Fisis) grows and this can be caused at a certain time or because of the repetition in some activity.

YOUNG ADULTS by the type of activity dislocation or dislocation of the shoulder is the most common, it is characterized by being very painful and with frank deformity. Generally, once the patient is produced, he is exposed to the fact that he is easily flown out and that is why it is recommended to follow the appropriate treatment.

MAJOR ADULTS falls due to lack of reflexes, decreased vision or home accidents are the cause of fractures at this level and treatments can range from bandaging to surgery depending on the characteristics of the bone.

ELBOW, articulation composed of the two bones of the forearm (radius and cube) and the arm bone (humerus), is what allows the hand to bring food to the mouth, we dress and we can comb.