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The olecranon is the part of the ulna that is part of the articulation of the elbow, it makes prominence in its posterior face and is just below the skin, between the bone and the skin there is only a bag that allows the skin to slide. on the bone. When, for different reasons, a large amount of liquid is produced inside the bag, it swells causing inflammation on the back of the elbow

Pain and inflammation appear on the prominence of the bone of the elbow. When it becomes infected, redness and pain may also appear.

It can occur for multiple causes: Trauma that can be single or small and repeated that are usually of work or sports origin. Infections and rheumatic diseases can also be the source of inflammation.

Treatment may vary depending on the characteristics of the disease and the number of episodes that have occurred. The inflammation can disappear by bandaging and anti-inflammatory treatment. Those that are especially large can be treated by drainage with a syringe with or without introduction of a corticoid after drainage. In all cases it may reappear after treatment. Surgery is usually reserved for cases of infected bursitis (always accompanied by antibiotic treatment) and for rebellious or repeated cases. The surgery aims to remove the olecranon bag.