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As in the case of epicondylitis, it is due to the inflammation of the anchorage of the tendons of the flexors of the wrist and of the pronator muscle on the inner side of the elbow.

Pain in the inner side of the elbow that increases when performing certain movements, such as pronation (turning the palm of the hand facing the floor) and flexion of the wrist. The pain is also stimulated by pressing on the bone protrusion that exists on the inside of the elbow.

It is less frequent than epicondylitis, which is the disease homologous to this but that occurs on the external side of the elbow. Typically it appears in people who make repeated efforts, usually of labor type, demanding the muscles that we have previously described. Typically it occurs in golf players because the «drive» often overloads said muscles.

The treatment is similar to that of epicondylitis, although the results are generally worse. Treatment with anti-inflammatories can be initiated along with rehabilitative and postural measures. Infiltrations can serve. As a last resort there is the surgery that consists of performing perforations in the bone where the injured tendons are anchored.