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It is the inflammation of the tendons that originate in the external face of the elbow, which are the tendons of the extensor muscles of the fingers and the wrist and the supinator of the forearm.

Pain in the lateral (external) side of the elbow that is accentuated when performing certain movements with the arm: generally a forced extension of the elbow and wrist together with an external rotation (supination) of the forearm.

It is produced by the repeated use of this musculature in daily activities, therefore it is related to any work activity that requests them. It is called tennis elbow precisely because it has been seen with some frequency in these athletes who perform the back stroke overload the muscles described above

The initial treatment is usually done by: oral anti-inflammatories, rehabilitation and the use of a discharge strap that is placed around the forearm just below the painful point. Infiltrations (injection) can also be done with corticosteroids at the point of pain. The surgery is reserved for the most persistent cases and consists of disinsecting (detaching) the musculature from its anchor point in the bone.