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It is an uncontrollable and persistent contraction of a muscle or muscle group. The contracture compresses the small vessels that provide blood to the muscle, thus hindering the flow of blood to the muscle, this favors even more the contracture, therefore creating a vicious circle that keeps the contracture

Pain and painful difficulty to move the affected area, the muscles become rigid and generally force a position to avoid pain (anti-allergic posture); in the case of the neck it is usually with the neck slightly flexed and the head thrown forward, in the lumbar contractures the trunk will be in slight flexion and an attitude can appear scoliotic (lateral flexion).

Muscle contracture can be a symptom of an underlying disease, such as osteoarthritis, herniated discs or protrusions. On other occasions the muscle contraction is the disease itself, without any other basic alteration that favors it. In these cases the disease is usually due to bad postures maintained or repeated efforts.

The measures are aimed at favoring the flow of blood to break the vicious circle that keeps the contracture, these measures are mild rehabilitation and local heat. The medical treatment will be carried out by muscle relaxants to which anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents may be added for the control of pain. The underlying cause should also be treated when this is the origin of the contracture.