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It is the destructuring of the disc, the disc initially loses water and the ability to cushion the load so they tend to crush and make prominence. Many people have disc degeneration without pain, so it is thought that the disk itself does not hurt. Other factors that are associated with disc degeneration must coalesce to produce pain such as abnormal mobility (instability) between two vertebrae, arthrosis of the posterior joints, muscle contractures.

Low lumbar pain that increases with lumbar efforts and trunk movements, especially trunk flexion. The pain increases when standing erect and sitting for prolonged periods. It improves when lying down with legs flexed.

Disc degeneration is inherent to age. Although there are factors that can accelerate the aging of the disc. In general, everything that involves overload (work, deformities, obesity) and an alteration in the qualities of the disc (rheumatic diseases, collagen, poor nutrition)

Disc degeneration does not have treatment by itself since it is the natural process of disc aging and, as we have already said, does not produce symptoms, so the factors associated with disc and pain should be treated. Different rehabilitation measures to improve muscle tone and pain treatment. Medications for pain control. Surgery is reserved for cases in which the factors that converge in the onset of pain can not be controlled by other less aggressive measures, and consists of fusing the vertebral spaces that we believe are responsible for the pain.