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It is a growth and excessive fibrosis of the aponeurosis (wraps of the muscles) of the hand, which is fixed to the skin above and to the joints below. Making the hand lose its elasticity. It is more frequent in white people and males

There is a hardening of the tissue under the skin (aponeurosis) of the hands and hard nodules appear that, as the disease progresses, they come together to form plaques. There is a deformation of the folds of the hand and each time it becomes more difficult to open it completely. Sometimes the disease affects the fingers, preventing full extension.

The cause is unknown although several hypotheses are considered. It has been linked to hereditary factors, epilepsy, diabetes, alcoholism, etc.

The treatment is always by surgery: In early stages the fibers can be cut through the skin using a needle. When the disease is highly evolved, it will be necessary to remove the tissue under the skin. If the disease affects the fingers the surgery becomes more complex and complications.