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It is the inflammation of the plantar fascia (covering that exists in the sole of the foot below the skin) at its point of origin in the heel bone (greater tuberosity of the calcaneus). Prolonged inflammation usually causes calcium to accumulate in the damaged area and on the radiograph appears as a «skewer» bone growth that protrudes from the calcaneus.

Pain appears in the hindfoot floor when walking, it is usually more intense after a period of rest, that is, with the first steps when getting up in the morning.

It is known that is due to an overload of the plantar fascia that usually occurs in people: middle-aged obese and athletes (especially runners). It has also been associated with rheumatic diseases.

In principle, it can be treated with templates that slightly raise the heel and discharge the tension zone. Also infiltrations with corticosteroids at the point of pain are effective in many cases. In the most persistent cases, surgical treatment is chosen, taking off the fascia from its place of origin in the heel. Some professionals also remove the «spike» that appears attached to the calcaneus. We must insist on the fact that it is not the spike that hurts, but the fascia that originates there.