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Also called painful patellar syndrome. The rotula, which is a rounded and flattened bone, is on the anterior side of the knee and articulates with the anterior face of the femur at the level of the knee. It intervenes in the movement of flexion and extension of the knee since the quadriceps is anchored in the kneecap. When there is an alteration of the alignment of the ball joint or in the shape of the surface of the femur joint with the ball joint, an overload of the cartilage of the ball joint occurs.

Pain in the anterior aspect of the knee that is accentuated when performing certain movements of the knee, above all going up and down stairs, as well as when squatting. There may also be a feeling of knee blockage and crunching.

There is usually a hereditary predisposition to suffer from this disease, although a trauma can trigger the symptoms. Age also plays a fundamental role in the appearance of this disease.

The treatment can be rehabilitative, reinforcing the muscles of the quadriceps, in order to center the label and prevent one of its veneers from being excessively overloaded. If with these measures it is not enough, with the surgery you can try to realign the label. The surgery may be performed by arthroscopy or by open technique.