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Around the foot there is a multitude of tendons in charge of moving the ankle joint and the toes. These tendons are subject to significant stresses that are generated when walking, standing and rubbing with footwear. The overload of these tendons results in inflammation and pain.


In general, the overload can be of a work or sport type. Obesity, foot deformities and the use of inappropriate footwear also favor tendonitis. Some rheumatic and metabolic diseases can directly affect the tendon.


There is pain in the course of the tendon that increases when forced or stretched; This usually happens when walking or exercising. The tendons that are most frequently affected are:

Tendinitis of the tibialis anterior
Tendinitis of the extensors of the fingers
Extensor tendinitis of the big toe
Peroneal tendonitis
Tendinitis of the posterior tibial
Tendinitis of the flexors of the fingers
Flexor tendinitis of the big toe


In general, rest and treatment with anti-inflammatories is advised, sometimes it is necessary to immobilize the foot with a splint for 3 weeks. Some professionals prefer treatment through infiltrations with corticosteroids. Surgery is not usually performed except in cases in which the cause of tendinitis is a significant foot deformity that does not improve with the use of discharge templates.